Nothing Is Ever Perfect

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If It’s Meant To Be

Trees Of Wisdom

Something people seem to let get to their heads is they are perfect or someone else is. Though, there is no such thing as being perfect. Everything that can be done, can be improved. Looking at yourself as accomplishing something because you are “perfect” at it. Only blinds you of the truth.

Seen from the eye of others, your flaws will show, however, you can’t fully see them because you’ve made it a point to tell yourself everything is done right. Everyone has flaws, and nothing is ever perfect. Don’t look at people by their flaws, look at them for what they do. Help them with what they can’t see, rather than using it against them.

Nature is the same way. Most of the time, when people see a flaw in nature, they look at it in amazement. When flowers bloom differently than they are supposed to, it’s treasured. When tree’s branch wrong, it’s saved. When the sky darkens, it’s feared.

Why bring someone down, when you have the power to help?

I say this, not to be mean, but rather to help open the eyes of others. While people look at me like I’m perfect. I look at myself and continuously say I need to improve. I know I may be good at certain things, better than others, though, I’m not the best. No one can be the “best” at anything. Though, they can be better than others, and help along the way, which overall improves yourself as well.

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