About Me, My Photography, And Goals For My Photography

Hello everyone, I’m going to try my best to include the information I feel is needed. However, I’m a fairly busy person so thoughts are a little scattered. To start things off, I’m a 21-year-old male. The reason for putting my gender is because, for one, it is a little odd for a guy my age to enjoy plants as much as I do. Not to mention the whole photography side of plants.

Tree Wallpaper

Here is where a bit more formatted story comes in. As cliche as it is nowadays, I grew up with a troubled childhood. It’s common so that’s not really the key point to this story. I’m not big on pity, so abuse isn’t my key topic. However, because of my past, I’m a true introvert in the flesh and blood.

Sky Wallpaper

While everyone tells me I just need to get out more and associate with the world a bit more. I’d much rather enjoy it for what I see, not hear. Talking to people wears me out to the point of sleeping all day. Everything about me now, though, involves as little talking and social activities as one can imagine.

I love writing aside from photography. In fact, I write for a fast-growing website known as OtakuKart or also Anime Blog. Let’s slow things down just a bit. I’ve only been a journalist for a few months now. Back to being an introvert. Many people assume I’m just a shy person, however, it’s not the fact that I’m shy. More or less, it’s how I view the world.


Most people see a plant and adore it for its looks. Me on the other hand, there is so much more to a plant than just that! It amazes me how something can start as small as a single tip, and grow to be as large as a vehicle (depends on the plant). In my Trees Of Wisdom post, it’s almost like plants struggle just as much as a human being would.

It’s hard to explain really, but that’s about the best I can do. The rest, I just show and tell when I feel the time is right. Kind of like in Nothing Is Ever Perfect or If It’s Meant To Be. More or less my mind wavers and works with photos I can pair with words. There for trying to help others.

The thing is. When I was at the young age of 11, I was put on my first anti-depressant. It didn’t help so much and it was something I only took when needed until I just completely forgot about it. Couple more years pass and I get dangerously depressed. I was around 15-16 at this point. It was one of those, I don’t know why I’m depressed sort of deals. It was just was it was.

Sky Wallpaper

After a failed suicide attempt. My views on life drastically changed. It wasn’t just my life, though. It was everything that lives. Tring my hardest, if I can, I will make an effort to help. Not just the I’m there for you and then do nothing ordeal. The whole, I’ve worked myself to the point I can go weeks sleeping most of the day. I’m just the exhausted.

Let’s continued over to the next page now and go over my photography a bit more!

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