How To Make Your Raspberries Grow Above And Beyond

Not only do I take photos of plants, but I actually grow a lot of what I photograph. Today I’m going to go over how exactly I get my raspberry canes to look and grow as well as they do!

First of all, the picture above is actually a wild raspberry plant that was planted by one of our neighboring nests located in a pine tree, which just so happens to be where this wild raspberry is growing. Inside the shade of a pine.

There could be several reasons why this crown is growing so well, however, there is one thing that is linked for how I grow my crowns. Is it the shade? Do they have something to lean up against? Is there something around them that’s helping?

Believe it or not, same with roses and anything thorny. They just love the nutrients pine needles provide for them. I’m not sure what, someone who has better knowledge over this sort of stuff, be sure to comment and let us know!


I can’t guarantee that mulching with pine needles will help everyone raspberry crowns. However, with the 7 years of mulching mine, I’ve seen nothing but inch thick canes. Be careful though, as to how much you put around them.

Without enough, water, sun, shade, and care. Mulching the raspberries would potentially kill them. I’m not perfect with taking care of my plants, but I do make it a point to at least check them every day or every other day just to see if they need anything. A good 15-minute walk around the yard is a great way to start the morning!

 How do I take care of my raspberry plants after mulching?

To take care of raspberries. I simply just prune dead or diseased canes. Again, I’m not perfect with this stuff and it’s all from experience, though, when a live cane dies back a little. Cut it off just above the living leaf.

Also, make sure to keep it decently weeded. Don’t worry too much about cleaning out every weed because the raspberries seem to like a little competition, at least mine do. With that in mind, I’ve always heard of pruning off old canes in the fall will help. Though, the new canes only seem to wilt. When I don’t prune old canes however, they do fantastic!


How To Find What Works Best For My Crowns? 

As you might have already found out, I experimented quite a lot with my raspberries to find out what works for them. All I can do is suggest what I’ve done so hopefully, your plants yield as much as mine do! (At least 2 gallons a year). These are two different patches around the same building

These are two different patches around the same building!

My suggestions are to others is use pine needles as mulch. Don’t worry too much about the 2 inches deep stuff. It will only hurt the plants because that is way too much. I put down maybe a half inch around the crowns and new starts of crowns.

This works for all sorts of different types of raspberries as well! I grow Red, Yellow, and primarily Black raspberries. Each has the same results when using the pine needles. Don’t forget to take care of dead and diseased canes, just don’t cut them all the way to the ground!

Yellow (Golden) raspberries
Black Raspberries
Red Raspberries

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One thought on “How To Make Your Raspberries Grow Above And Beyond

  1. The pine needles rot down to an acidic based nutrient , raspberries prefer a slightly acidic soil,also new research indicates that some deep rooted weeds share nutrients and moisture via root companionship rather than root competitiveness,and as rasberries are originally a woodland type plant they may benifit from the proximity of other plants


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