How To Tell The Difference Between Blackberries And Black Raspberries

In my post about growing black raspberries: How To Make Your Raspberries Grow Above And Beyond I had several comments stating that I used pictures of blackberry plants instead of black raspberries. Where I live black berry crowns are far more common than black raspberries and there are many ways to tell them a part.

Black Berry

To start the picture I used in my raspberry post was in fact of black raspberries. The easiest way to tell the difference is black raspberries are a bit more round and shine a bit more.


Blackberries, on the other hand, are larger and have a more oval shape. Or I suppose they look more like mawberries.

Durning the dormant season is a bad time to see rather or not you have blackberries or black raspberries because everything looks the same. Thought, blackberry plants have a longer more rounded thorn.

Once the berry plants begin to bloom and produce life, the differences become easier to spot. The easiest way to tell if a crown is blackberry or black raspberry is by the bloom itself.

Black Raspberry








Blackberry plants have a larger flower and the peddles look close to a wild rose. Black raspberry plants, on the other hand, they have fairly small flowers and their paddles almost blend in with the green bud at the bottom of the flower.



Black raspberry plants are also well known for their purple glossy canes. Most often coated in a white powder like substance.

Blackberry canes will have a more square shaped cane that remains green even when producing berries. They also continue to grow close to how wild roses grow. The way to tell the difference between a wild rose and Blackberry plants is by the number of leafs there are on a steam. Blackberry plants have three while roses have five.

For more information on how to grow healthy blackberries and black raspberry plants. Please visit my post explaining how I grow mine and how it’s helped me each year. How To Make Your Raspberries Grow Above And Beyond

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