How To Make Your Own Fragrance Or Perfume Out Of Any Plant

Experimenting today, I decided I would try and make my own fragrance. Though, that is a bit odd for a guy. I just like experimenting and new experiences. This was actually a really good one because it worked better than I expected.

At first, I tried the flowers of some kind of bush that is growing in my yard. I just moved there and don’t know a whole lot of what’s growing in my yard. If you know what it is, feel free to let me know! These are the discards of the flowers. 
Looking up a few guides before trying this. I couldn’t use any of them because they all called for distilled water. So I improvised a little and made did it my own way. Though, I do plan on trying this again, only with distilled water next time. Mostly to see if there is a difference or not and how big of one there is.

If you mow quite a bit and run over some weeds you keep trying to get rid of. You might know flowers aren’t the only thing that has a smell. There are a few common weeds I see a lot of people trying to get rid of, that I would love to smell more often!

I only know what the top picture is. The others I’m not so sure on. The top picture is wild parsley which has a nice fresh smell for those who would like to use it as a fragrance.

The fun part of this is, perfume isn’t the only thing this scented water is good for! If you use oil to scent your home, feel free to use the flavorful water as such!

If you buy natural scents at the store, it might be time to stop. If you have any of the plants you like your house or even you to smell like. There is no need for store bought stuff anymore.


So, how did I do it? It’s was actually a lot easier than I expected.

  • Pick bloomed flowers
  • Put in bucket of water
  • Pinch the flowers while in the water
  • Let set for thirty minutes to an hour
  • Pure in glass container

The amount of water is all judgemental. And might take some experimentation of your own. Though, even just as a small side project. I would recommend giving this a try! 

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