Nothing Is Ever Perfect

Other Sayings: If It’s Meant To Be Trees Of Wisdom Something people seem to let get to their heads is they are perfect or someone else is. Though, there is no such thing as being perfect. Everything that can be done, can be improved. Looking at yourself as accomplishing something because you are “perfect” at […]

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If It’s Meant To Be

Other Sayings: Nothing Is Ever Perfect Trees Of Wisdom Sometimes things in life may get hard. Hard enough giving up just seems to be the answer. Though, don’t look at things in black and white. Analyze what’s happening to you at the time of hardship. Wonders may be about, and looking at things in one direction […]

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Trees Of Wisdom

Other Sayings: Nothing Is Ever Perfect If It’s Meant To Be Ever wonder what happens to a tree if the main stem dies? This happens with the trunk of a tree and even branches. You see several trees where the trunk or branches slip off in a few different directions. This is because sadly the […]

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